in the year 2000

How did it get to be the future so quickly?

I played the Nintendo Wii yesterday, and I felt like Judy Jetson or something. Then when I saw that new iPhone, my mind was blown. I can't wait until we all have chips implanted in our fingers...with chips in our fingers we won't need keys or credit cards or driver's licenses. Oh, and I'm also waiting for them to invent the car that uses GPS technology to drive itself.

Man, the future is sweet.

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"According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report issued in February, of the 25 fastest growing jobs for 2006, only 5 required a college degree at all. The growth opportunities lie in low-paid fields like food preparation, health aide work, janitorial, landscaping, and retail sales."


Awesome. I love being in thousands of dollars of debt for no reason.

I am the new DJ Tanner

Dear Friends,

DJ Tanner is me! Please please please come support me on my very first night of DJ'ing ever. I need to get 50 heads in there, or my DJ career is over. I'll be playing 80s favorites, local bands, khyber standbys, and random weirdness. Tell your friends!

Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires make my night a success!

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the thing about drunk dialing is that i always want to talk to people when i'm drunk...

...but no one wants to talk to me at 3 in the morning :(